Meet the Maker

I started my working life as a hoist operator on a construction site. I did not go to art school, creations do not come to me in dreams  but yet here I am a full time glass artist loving every second.  My “art career” began as a glass sandblaster in my early 20’s, being commissioned to create corporate awards for groups from the Special Olympics to Coca Cola.

One day my jewelry designing Mama showed me some beautiful lampwork glass beads she purchased from a local artist.   I was immediately taken by this art form and thought that if I could learn to make the beads the Mama could make the jewelry and we could travel the country, selling our shiny wares as a Mother/Daughter duo. Little did I know that firing up that torch for the first time was going to lead me to where I am now.   Over the years I have learned several disciplines involving glass:  fusing, slumping, casting, blowing, lampworking, soldering, electroforming and finally enameling.

I am a West Coast girl through and through and am inspired every day by the stunning nature I am surrounded by.  I love the rain and the life it brings.  The cozy days I spend in the studio behind the torch with the door open while it pours rain are some of my most creative days.  I am so grateful that customers around the world want my work and allow me to continue to follow my passion running my online business, Caliente Art Glass.