Let's see....who am I!? A little too existential if you ask me but here are the basics.

I am a wife, a daughter, sister, Step-Mom and a fur-baby Mom in which every part influences my artwork.

Wife: married to a very awesome/sexy/supportive man who uses his creativity in the film industry and bashing the hell out of the drums and is a true rockstar. He is the one that inspires me for just about everything "weird" I make. He is the one that slows me down and peels me off the ceiling when I have had one too many espresso shots and makes me potent drinks while I torch away in the studio (maybe this is where the "weird" ideas come from).

Daughter/Sister: I am from a crazy, artistically talented family. Mom is an amazing jewelry artist (and a crazy red head), little sista is a crazy everything artist who also works in the film industry. Daddy-O (has passed) taught me how to swing a hammer, ride a motorcycle and take no shit from anyone.

Step-Mom: I am helping raise 2 pretty great kids. They love my crap beads and are big supporters and helpers.

Fur-Baby Mom: I have one dog (Jett) and one cat (Jasper the Giant Cat) who provide me with a lack of space to sit and make sure I don't work very long before begging for attention. They keep me covered in hair and I love every second....except when they barf inside the house - nobody likes inside barfting!!